Photo by G. Loie Grossmann / Philly New Media


The law firm of Robert M. Lipshutz, Esquire works with the client to draft contracts and invoices in a way to maximize the leverage of the client. The firm emphasizes the gathering of relevant information: full name and address of the debtor, the nature of the debtor’s business entity (individual proprietorship, partnership or corporation), relevant identifying numbers, etc. The firm advises clauses that give theright of the client to litigate in the client’s own geographical area. The firm makes sure that the client reserves the right to receive interest from late-paying clients as well as a late fee and to have the debtor pay all collection fees-including attorney’s fees.


The firm will write letters to slow-paying clients which, while from an attorney, still respect the ongoing nature of the client’s relationship with the debtor while providing an incentive to resolve the matter without litigation.


The firm litigates throughout Pennsylvania and has referral relationships with lawyers all over the country. If the debtor is located in Pennsylvania or the debt was incurred in Pennsylvania, the firm can get a judgment against a debtor anywhere in the United States. Whether here in Pennsylvania or anywhere in the country, the firm can reach a debtor’s assets!


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